Bringing career development products

to public safety professionals

for more than 30 years.

As our society has become increasingly complex and more litigious, the demands placed on criminal justice and service professionals have never been greater, and expectations continue to rise. For more than 30 years, Innovative Systems Publishers has strived to offer products and resources that support public safety professionals—police officers, firefighters, correctional officers, and private security officers—by enhancing their writing skills and helping them advance in their careers.

Our report writing publications are used in college and university criminal justice programs as well as in police academies and correctional institutions throughout the country. Our flagship book, For the Record: Report Writing in Law Enforcement, has been proven effective in teaching police officers to write more professional reports.

Our self-guiding manuals work in whatever setting you choose—at home or in the classroom—and are designed to be equally effective for individual study by working law enforcement and fire services officers or for course work by police science and public safety students.

If you are charged with training these professionals, our books can simplify your task immeasurably and assure that your officers develop the skills they need to write professional reports, be they crime reports, incident reports, arson reports, or any other type of report.

We are also working to add new titles that address other areas of career development, including emotional well being and psychological preparedness for the rigors of a law enforcement career. Visit our Publications page for more information.

A Good Report Is A Shield Against Lawsuits 

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