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Surviving a Law Enforcement Career

Surviving a Law Enforcement Career: A Guide for Cops and Those Who Love Them

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    In this first-of-its-kind guide, Dr. Dennis L. Conroy expertly weaves together the experiences he gathered during his 30+ years as a cop with the insight gleaned from his three decades as a police psychologist to create a real-deal resource for anyone considering or already living in the police world, including those who care about their cop. The breadth and depth of content coverage in Surviving a Law Enforcement Career is unrivaled and carries the reader through the life cycle of a cop, from the cradle of initiation to the retirement blues. Throughout the book Dr. Conroy offers guidance on how to maintain your own shield of integrity and commitment while doing the job—a job that all too often piles cynicism, depression, addiction, and other life-threatening circumstances on top of a career already fraught with hazards.
    A Good Report Is A Shield Against Lawsuits 

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